ABOUT Delight

Delight was established in 2004. The first store was in the Gleem Area in Alexandria, Egypt as a tart based sweet house. From the first day in operations, Delight committed itself to quality and innovation putting only one thing in mind, "Customer Satisfaction" Delight is not only considered a pioneer in tart baking in Egypt, it is the market leader in creating exclusive selections of high quality tarts.Feel the "Delight" embedded in our products variety and sizes that fits all occasions and events represented in whole, mini, and bites with unmatched flavors that fits everyone.


Our philosophy 

Product and service innovation is a keystone in our philosophy. We manage all our operation to deliver customer satisfaction and furthermore, happiness. We aim to delight our customers to make them happy as much as we are happy to serve and satisfy them. We spend a considerable amount of time, effort, money, and other resources to research,develop, innovate, and improve our products and services. Innovation is not considered a program or a project, it is for us a way of doing business.


  • Creation through the best
    of raw materials, human resources, available

  • After sales services.

  • Provide the adequate atmosphere to Employees

  • Developing

    Developing new products that are different and with varieties to suit different tastes,
    in addition to the innovation in the means of display, selling and packing.
    Sustain and development of quality

  • spreading

    The spreading in the food domain.

  • Opening new markets adequate for the company's clients locally and internationally.


  • A sole Family confident of their uniqueness in the creation of taste, targeting the

  • competitive edge and continuity to spread Delight

Core Values

  • Dedication to quality

  • Commitment to customersatisfaction

  • Innovation focus

  • ⁠Employees Happiness